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-Felony Court Bureau

-District Court Bureau

-East End Bureau

-Appeals Bureau

-Family Court Bureau

-Children’s Law Bureau

-Pre-Indictment Felony Bureau

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[service_box title=”Supportive Bureaus” text=”Our Social Work Bureau is an integral component of the holistic lawyering practice in criminal, family, and county court. Through their diverse professional backgrounds, each social worker brings a unique skill set to the bureau.” btn_text=”read more” btn_link=”https://sclas.org/supportive-bureau/” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=” servicebox1 servicebox1_2″]
[service_box title=”Community Outreach” text=”The Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County is committed to the defense and support of our clients as they navigate through the family and criminal court systems.” btn_text=”read more” btn_link=”https://sclas.org/community-outreach/communities-outreach/” btn_size=”normal” target=”_self” custom_class=” servicebox1 servicebox1_3″]
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(631) 853-5212

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The Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County will never solicit money for bail for clients or call you requesting money for bail. If you receive a phone call that appears on a caller ID as one of our listed phone numbers demanding money for bail for a client, friend or family member please note those phone calls do not represent the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County. Any such call demanding money for bail is being initiated by a third party and not by the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County and you should immediately contact your local police and/or law enforcement agency to report this crime.

Position Statement In Solidarity With The Black Community

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Founded in 1964, our agency has over


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“Justice is indiscriminately due to all, without regard to numbers, wealth, or rank.” -John Jay

Established in 1964, The Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County provides zealous holistic criminal defense, family defense, and social work assistance to Suffolk County residents who are in need of legal support, but are unable to afford it. The Legal Aid Society is committed to providing meaningful access to indigent defense services to all eligible persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, disability and age.

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