Community Outreach


The Legal Aid Society County is committed to the defense and support of our clients as they navigate through the family and criminal court systems. Additionally, we are committed to educating the community on the pertinent legal issues that affect their lives.


Legal issues cause confusion and stress, especially when we do not understand the basics. In response to an overwhelming need, The Legal Aid Society has created several, FREE legal educational workshops to help empower citizens to be come their best advocates in the court system.

Know Your Rights

E.P.I.C.- Enriching, Protecting, and Improving our Communities
A one hour, FREE, power point presentation that demystifies the process educates citizens on...READ MORE

Community Education Programs

FREE, mini-presentations on legal topics that affect topics that affect the lives of our community members every day. We provide a general overview of the law, pro se petition writing tips, and ways to become your best advocate on the following topics...READ MORE

Breaking Barriers


Criminal convictions can get in the way of your future aspirations for the107-licensed professions in New York State, despite how old the conviction is.

There is a way to overcome...READ MORE

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