Felony Court Bureau


The Felony Court Bureau employs the most experienced litigators in the Legal Aid Society of Suffolk County. They handle felonies, the most serious criminal charges, indicted by a Suffolk County Grand Jury. An attorney and investigator will confer with clients and pursue defenses at all levels of the judicial process, including motion practice, hearings, and if the case is not resolved, ultimately trial.

The Felony Court Bureau also represents clients in pre-indictment matters, such as advice on whether to testify before a Grand Jury and pre-indictment plea bargaining. They provide alternatives to litigation including judicial diversion for drug related offenses, youth court, veteran's court and specialized courts for victims of human trafficking, and clients in need of mental health treatment.

Specialized Attorneys represent clients at Parole Hearings, S.O.R.A. hearings, and provide advice to clients on potential immigration consequences of their criminal charges.

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